Google Maps – The Pokemon Master Edition

Its April Fools day and although this day is filled with bad pranks and fake Facebook statuses Google has gotten this day all figured out. Each year Google sets out a series of events, pranks and some weird and wonderful intentions. Today Google pulled out another trick from the bag The Pokemon Master Challenge. 150 Pokemon have taken over the Google Maps and although you dont have to it gives you the option to partake in this “Gotta Catch Them All” challenge.


All over the map of the world Pokemon are hiding, all you need to do is zoom in on the map and locate them. When you see one all you do is touch it on the area, it catches it and adds it to your Pokedex!! The Pokedex shows you how many you have caught and your progress, it also displays them in a list just like in the old GameBoy Pokemon Game.


If you played the original game up until recent Nintendo 3DS version you will know the basics of this game. The Professors lab seems to be your current location, however while exploring I found another lab in Sydney Australia along with 4 Pokemons… The mystery of the game is yet to reviel itself I reckon. So far so good, I stand strong with my 46 Pokemon already found and its not even lunch time.


Happy Hunting this April Fools Day.


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