Snap Snap – Secrets of the Snapchat

Someone very wise enlightened me on secrets of the Snapchat yesterday so I thought I would share them with you.

FYI (Old Update)

The black and white pen. Oh how annoying it is to not have the black and white colour to draw with, but it seems it always existed it was just hidden away: To draw on your Snapchat, tap the crayon in the top right hand corner and drag your finger across to the left side of the screen. Do NOT lift your finger, it wont work if you do. For black follow the same instructions but this time drag your finger down to the bottom of the screen instead of the left.

Changing your photograph to black & white, sepia and negative. I found this does not work on the iPhone 4 but it seems to be working for all newer iPhones. Tap the screen for text and type in “B&w…” for black and white, “negative…” for negative and “sepia…” for well sepia filter. You can also combine filters, madness altogether.

Snapchat New Update

Since the new Snapchat update they have added some additional features that are half useful. First things first you may want to enable them; go into Snapchat Settings -> Additional Service -> Manage -> and enable Smart Filters, Visual Filters and Special Text. In these setting there are a couple of new features like Replay and number of Best Friends… But who cares about them now lets make some hipster filtered snaps with big text.

SO after all of these settings are enabled take a picture and swipe left! There are some options:

The time. This is one of those more useless features I was talking about but there it is big clock in front of your photo.


The temperature… Because when your taking a selfie its essential to add the Celsius.


Speed. Ahem.. Once again something “very” useful. If you are driving and snapping a message will pop up “Don’t snap and drive”.


Black and white. Self explanatory we all look better in black and white.


Hipster Polaroid filter. Makes you look more tanned instantly.


Another filter…


And now for the TEXT. Yes the most impressive feature in my opinion is the big bold text. Tap the screen as before and type your message after that is done you will see the “T” beside the pen, by tapping it will change your texts font, by tapping the second time it will center it and by tapping the third time it will return it to normal.


Happy Snapping.


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