October 2013, over 86.1 million posts were created on the site each day

Tumblr is the most underestimated Social Networking site (yes you heard me right I said Social Networking not Blogging I wont get into this) unless you were sucked into it from the start it might be difficult to understand what actually happens on it. Its not a blog. End of. If your using it as a blog your an idiot because people who want to read stuff are not on Tumblr.

Most of the people on it are teenagers and “young adults” (I use this term lightly because from my experience of 700+ blogs I follow theres only a handful of people who are over the age of 25).

Like all things today its all about speed and doing things quickly, if you cant catch the persons attention within 3 seconds people are not gonna look at it. Thats just a fact. You have a nice long 300 word post? Oh thats nice but no one cares, unless your a 16 year old teen writing about weight, relationship or other issues amongst your own peers.Its all about reblogging and self expression through other peoples content. Images, GIFs and videos circle peoples blogs and reblogging becomes some what addictive..

But what no one tells you is that Tumblr is riddled with porn. A few weeks ago I attended the WebSummit Dublin where the guy from Tumblr was covering the subject of self expression on Tumblr and how this could be used to market brands and get content out to consumers quickly, but what he didn’t mention is that the porn industry was all over this ever since Tumblr exploded all over the internet.

In June 2012 that between 2 and 4 percent of Tumblr’s traffic is porn-related.

Even thought the site doesn’t allow you to upload adult videos as such (videos from other sites can be embedded), some content if flagged (adult) can be uploaded. This content is in forms of GIFs and photographs. These GIFs could be clips from pornographic movies or pornographic anime.Pornographic sites create their own accounts to drive traffic to their actual sites as well as people creating their own personal blogs which they source content from elsewhere.

As much as you think you can avoid it you simply cant, it sneaks up on you while browsing hashtags, people seem to use random tags to get it out there. And if not through hashtags the people you follow might reblog them even if their blog is not adult content driven. This all being sexuality as part of self expression…

Even if we accepted that young people want to stand on top of a mountain and tell the world what they are into sexually or whatever, the scariest part of these pornographic blogs on Tumblr is the fact that it invites people to send their own dirty pictures.

Let me paint the picture for you.

Say there is an 18 old who created a blog and called it something like happynude.tumblr.com (and undoubtedly this already exists but Im just making this up) and gained 1000+ followers by reblogging pornographic content…

Right so we have an 18 year old with 1000+ followers who want to see dirty images. You with me so far? So now he,she or whoever, starts posting stuff like this “Gain 1000+ recognition send in your nudes and we might just feature it on the blog.”  (Direct quote from one of the blogs.) These kinds of people target girls mostly who want to become Glamour Models or just for attention in general. Can we see the problem here? Gaining followers is very easy, time consuming but easy.. This person now has a collection of images of all sorts that people just hand it over.

I’ll let you put this in context yourself. You get where I am going with this…

Saying all of that its not all bad, here is what Tumblr is good for:

501 Fucks I Dont Give


99 Problems


What Should We Call Me


How Do I Put This Gently


Public Shaming


Twitter Comic


White Men Wearing Glasses



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