Sending dirty pics on Snapchat? Meet Snaphack.

My small head can’t understand how Snapchat became so popular, what the appeal of sending a picture of your foot or selfie and be able to see it for 10 seconds? Unless its a dirty picture and you need assurance that it won’t be saved and spread across the internet like wild fire. Number one example this year being the #slanegirl and I’m sure everyone sending these images doesn’t want to become the laughing stock of the internet.

If anything is news worthy this week its Snaphack. So you’v been sending those saucy snaps to that special someone? Well… I think you better listen to this.

For 1.79 of your hard earned dolla bills you can hack your Snapchat and save images that you receive. I understand that saving images on Snapchat is possible by taking a screenshot. This is however a whole new way of hacking pictures. Without anyone knowing that is…


“The program allows users to save Snapchats for an indefinite period of time without letting the sender know. The typically temporary messages are stored on the iPhone camera roll where the recipient can browse through them endlessly.Once someone sends you a salacious chat, open with Snaphack instead of the original app. Users won’t know the message was sent to the alternative program. Once you access these images through Snaphack, the images are permanently saved. The app also supports video as well so a variety of content can be sent and saved. It’s that simple.” (ref.)

I imagine that Snapchat Facebook pages will blow up once this is used properly (before the developers remove the hack app).

Hats of to you Darren Jones (the creator of Snaphack). If you buy the app you will be getting your moneys worth anyways… When will the world learn… I imagine the boob/penis shots will decrease on Snapchat.


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