10 Things You Should Know About Tinder

When my friend enlightened me about this new phenomenon called Tinder I was certainly intrigued… As much as the world is still screamish and sour faced about online dating (maybe just Ireland) it so happens that the online dating industry is oh so very popular and although its all hush hush, theres only a few who haven’t tried.

Online dating has been around for years and why shouldn’t we be intrigued in this secret society of people wanting to find love (or whatever they are looking for) , this isn’t Craigs List where people place ads of inappropriate nature, if you make the effort to set up a profile you’re no longer messing around and somewhere deep down your actually looking for something and statements like “I just did it for the craic” no longer stand in my eyes. A lot of my friends have tried online dating and have been successful so when I heard about Tinder I had to see it for myself.

1. What is it?
Its shallow and addictive. No other way to describe it. Its like a Big Mac, you know its bad for you, you can feel the calories going down yet you cant stop. Tinder is an online dating app. Note the APP, this isn’t an online site which provides an Application for their users this is JUST an app. The app asks you to sync with your Facebook and uses information like; interests, friends and liked pages. This information is the only thing that you know about the user. They can also add a small bio and changed their photos (all from Facebook). The recommendations are made based on your location… Kinda creepy.

2. How does it work?
This is the shallow part. You see a profile picture and you swipe right for no and left for yes. Its kind of “Hot or Not” idea… If you “like” someone and they like you a match is made and now you can interact with this person.
I think the biggest appeal is that if you like someone but they don’t like you, they will never know that you liked them and you wont get that embarrassed feeling…

3. Friends in common is an indication that this person is real and you may be onto something. Its not like meeting a stranger online, its kind of like talking to a friend of a friend.

4. Creeps will be creeps.
No matter where you go theres always a few people who will chance their arm to get the ride. And fair play to these poor soles.

5. The sex bot.
No matter where you go theres spam. And who does the internet target only the most gullible. The men. Sex bots are fake accounts that talk dirty to you and I swear its hard to tell sometimes if its a real person or not. Then after a few messages they will ask you to “join” them on a website to continue this conversation. http://www.youranidiot.com

6. Your first photograph is key. (This is for the male users.) If you have the following profiler; cartoon (its just stupid), a car (we don’t really care what you drive and the fact that your picture on Facebook is off your BMW or Golf GTI worries us that you may be compensating for your tiny willy), a topless photo where you are tensing your muscles, doing the Zoolander pose, a picture of you mooning in the middle of the street, a picture of your “guns” named Mary Kate and Ashley, if you’re in a picture hugging a girl (who’s clearly your girlfriend and you’re a dog) or you holding a baby… Mate delete this app now because you’re neither getting a date or a ride.

7. Making the first move… For women this is hard and they usually don’t do it. Men however need guidance most of the time, I got a few messages that were “interesting” conversation starters:


8. You can be cupid, another feature of the app is being able to match two friends together which connects them instantly. This could be an awkward one. It also sneakily displays all your friends so that if you click someone who’s not on the app they get a sneaky notification to join. Well played Tinder.

9. Its possible to run out of people in your area. On that note the amount of people that I came across that I actually know was bizarre. EVERYONE is on it.

10. You can loose yourself. Like fast food once you take a bit you want more. The thing about Tinder it becomes a game, you become less interested in talking to people but more into the judging aspect of the app. You can easy forget the hot people who you were matched with and keep swiping for more options. Guess the personality does matter…


7 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About Tinder”

  1. Ehhh …

    What’s so creepy about recommendations based on locations? On sites like OKC and POF I all the time get reactions from women from Asia and South America. Sure there are many there that seem worth meeting and see if a serious relationship can be build. But i live in Holland and you gotta admit it’s not really convenient to every travel that distance for a first meet & greet … Especially not since I’m supposed to stay close to my hospital. Many other people have other reasons to not every time travel that far (For instance, not looking for a long lasting relationship, not enough money to live that large, etc …). Adding location into the match-factor mix is an excellent idea! Plus, Tinder is not exactly hiding the fact that they base on location. So it’s not really something qualifying for “beware: you ‘should’ know”. Literally everybody already knows. Unless you’re a complete idiot.

    And why should people get a notification for every single person that likes them, even when they’re not even closely interested back in that person? You mean to say you’re a fan of spam? When you’re walking outside in real life to the supermarket, you also demand to get some kind of notification from every single person who looks at you and thinks you look nice?? ¡Weird! you are …

    And on every dating site/app/real-life-date, the first impressions are determined by looks. That goes for both males and females, which is a scientifically many times proven fact. You may not like it, but that’s the reality. Stronger yet, you yourself create your first impression on all people around you on looks as well. On other dating sites/apps you can immediately start messaging people without reading their profile. On Tinder, that’s not possible, because the other person will first have to give their consent on messaging by liking you back. In that view, Tinder is far less creepy than other sites/apps!

    I could also react on the rest of your list, but I think I’ve said enough already to make my point: Tinder is not nearly as creepy as you wanna make it seem to be.

    Cheers, Klaas

    1. Thanks for correcting my grammar! I definitely will get someone to proof it before posting it next time, being bilingual is hard and text language has taken its toll on my writing.
      Hows this for correction: “Your comment is rude. You’re a troll and an asshole.” 😉 Have a nice day!

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