How iOS 7 Made the Earth Flat Again

Before the Bronze and Iron Age many ancient cultures believed that the earth was flat. Only for those smart Greeks. They had figured out Earth’s shape almost two thousand years before Columbus. They seen ships drop out of sight as they sailed away. They also realized that they had seen Earth’s round shadow pass across the Moon. Yep so theres a bit of history for you.

We grew up knowing that the world was round in the exact same way we were introduced to the first iPhone back in 2007, since then we didn’t know any better. In 2013 on the 19th of September everything we knew changed. *Insert dramatic music here*

Last night approximately 7.25 pm while the dinner was on I decided to dip into iOS 7. When I say dip in I mean invest several hours of messing with iCloud updating my iTunes and only then downloading and installing the new iOS. By 10 pm I was “exploring” my new software.

Maybe because all the way leading up to the new iOS release I was so put off by it, I just wasn’t sure wether to update. Stupid critics. If you take any advice ever regarding reviews never listen to the critics. When it comes to movies or music there is always one sad fucked sitting there writing how much he hates everything, “This is shit and that is crap. He cant act. Too much nudity, not enough scenery…” Don’t know why I was so stupid to think they were right about this. We consumers know what we want we don’t need someone to tell us what we should watch, listen or buy (I know how influenced we all are by brands etc etc, thats a story for another day.) I want beautiful things and Apple always delivers.

YES I know Apple are only catching up to the idea of flat design, so what. I would rather they took their time and perfected it that push something ugly on us. Who wants an Android anyways… 37.4 million of iPhones sold this year so far. (Not sure if this statistic is correct, you ask and google provides.) Yeah. I don’t have to explain myself to you android folk.

As common as it is right now here are a few screen shots of whats going on in my phone. Few things to mention  if you don’t want gradient going through your bottom pull up navigation tab (shown in all of the iPhone ads) make it one colour, white or black. I have a white background going throughout (which is in the default wallpapers) and it looks great.




No one is perfect I guess, there are a few things that I am yet to get used to:

– The swipe down search bar, I seem to accidentally keep swiping it down. I don’t know who uses this feature?? Who has so much content on their phone that they need to use an actual search bar?  Who are you!!!

– The music players volume. I know its always been there but now everything seems closer together, this morning while listening to the Monkeys I nearly blew my ears off on several occasions. The “next” button is too close to the max volume. UI problem I reckon.

Things that are oh so wonderful:

– The simplicity. Fuck drop shadows anyways.

– Theres a torch?? Another thing that I never knew that iPhones had, I always thought that you needed to download an app for this. Seems I am simple and now I have a torch.

– You can now block numbers on iPhones. I know. Amazing. Might just block a few people for the fun of it. Forget deleting & blocking someone off Facebook this is a new and modern way of saying fuck you.

Thats just a few things that grabbed my attention. The most noticeable thing when you start the iOS7 is the transitions. It moves so smoothly, with a little bounce here and there. Theres nothing more satisfying then swiping out the app to turn it off.

Anyway who am I to tell you wether you will like this or not but lets be honest its the simple things.


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