Facebook is something we all live with. Its like an incurable disease, its everywhere. It lures us in by its mobility and usability. Easy way to connect with your friends they say, keep in touch….. aka keep tabs on everyone and their interesting lives. We know everything about everyone, who’s going to what college, who’s working, who’s out three nights a week, when people are fighting and breaking up.

But the truth is, all of this information is too much. As information overload goes this is the worst kind. This constant obsession with checking your Facebook cant be healthy.

Today I came across a short film Noah. I would very much recommend taking the 17 minutes to watch it, its a well constructed short about a guy and his use of social networks. His relationship situation escalates quickly and takes strange turns. Also must add the strangeness of Chatroulette. I think its perfect definition of what it is if people have never used it before.

As real life goes, this is a great example of how presumptions are made. We are all paranoid human beings and having access to information like a persons whereabouts, who they are talking to can set a few more seeds of doubt in their minds. No wonder peoples relationships crumble. Even if you think you have the strongest trust within a relationship, stuff always gets read out of context and presumptions are made.

You can almost instantly tell if someone has broken up with someone or seeing someone. And this is just from a few glances at a page, “Oh look she took that profile picture down” or “Have you seen they seem to be linking each other songs, something must be going on”. Gossip. Thats all it is. Sorry correction, bragging and gossip.

People seems to have decreased excessive use of Facebook and some even deactivate their accounts, I am starting to wonder wether they are on to something.

I am thinking Facebook is one social network I could live without.

On another note regarding Facebook… This sums it up:


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