The Picnic was Electric

Those who attended Electric Picnic this year are probably feeling the way I do, like reality is just not good enough anymore. This was my first year at the festival and there is no other way to describe it apart from MAGICAL.

The highlights and things that Electric Picnic wasn’t short of;

Flowery headbands. I am really not sure whether Lana Del Ray or Harry Styles brought this hippy trend to surface, but there they were. I would say about 60% of female attendees had flowers in their hair, if you were looking for your friend and tried to identify her by her hairband…. Well then your best bet was to be found rather then go searching. Flowery headbands EVERYWHERE.


Trees and Art. Maybe it was because I have never been to EP, but the most amazing thing for me was the forest and the art. The whole idea of little arty pieces thrown around the forest was amazing. Everywhere you would go you would see something different; the umbrellas hanging hight from the trees (which people pulled down within hours of day one) or the Seedy Tree. There was lots to see, especially at night with different exhibits lit up.

We Are The Tree/Mushroom Huggers

So many bodies and so many soles. The weekend was long and it really seemed like the place was filled with people ready to party but came Sunday, the place was jammed! With up to 35,000 people at the event. This being was most noticeable at the check points to the main arena, each area was filled with people unlike the Friday and Saturday..


If you weren’t there then you don’t know the magic that was sparking of Alex Turners guitar as he started the end of the night with a couple of chords that sent chills down the spine. As soon as the tune progressed the crowd hummed the tuned along side of the instruments creating an insane atmosphere of togetherness. We were all there too see the Arctic Monkeys. We were all there to here those songs we know of by heart and we were all there to belt them from the top of our lungs. The stage lights pulsated to the song and created a visual rhythm as the light traveled up and down the A. M. initials. “Until I fall asleep spilling drinks on my city…. Do I wanna know?” and then everyone joins in for “Crawling back to you…”

Wether your off your face or just drinking juice you know the words and the more Alex sang the more people get into the wave of the music. “Do I wanna know, If this feeling flows both ways…”

As soon as the the last chord is strung for the Do I Wanna Know a more familiar tune comes on from Whatever People Say I am, Thats What I am Not setting everyone wild, voices in unison sing the lyrics loud. At this point no one cares whether the lead singer is singing, we all know the lyrics. It almost feels like these songs are ours. If this wasn’t enough Put On Your Dancing Shoes sets everyone nut, I couldn’t stop dancing, I couldn’t understand why the people behind us were taking pictures of themselves instead of enjoying the moment of pure love for the song. I guess they weren’t Monkey fans. “Get on your dancing shoes you sexy little swine..” I could go on about how the whole gig made my weekend, how there was nothing that got the crowd going. It was a rock show, the ones you heard from ould lads who would point the finger at you and say “You have never seen a real rock show!”.  The band had washed their hair and wore ironed blazers but this was most definitely a rock show.

I knew all the songs, I didn’t like every song on each album and didn’t give much time for songs like Brick by Brick but when you hear it, you know you have always liked that song.

They played the old and the very old but most impressive part of the night was how the crowd reacted to the new stuff. When a band plays new tunes you tend to just sway but everyone got deeply into it. Every song was amazing I just wished they ended the night with Mardy Bum instead of 505… It doesn’t matter we had the time of our lives.


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