Checking Twitter on my phone is one of the first things I do every morning, not because I am dying to know whats happening in the world, it just has become a ritual. Check the social media in the morning and go about your day. Monday was no different… I rarely check trends. I don’t know why but I just don’t care what is trending at 9am on a Monday morning. Working and studying all things digital and being aware of stories and trends is of importance…. So as soon as I logged in to one of the many social platforms that surrounds my day there was a ping, “Have you seen Twitter? #slanegirl… Check it on your phone if your in work.”

Overnight Twitter had blown up with a bizarre story including pictures from Saturday night at the Slane Castle. By midday Monday this was huge, people where blogging about it and creating memes. The story went global. I tried to track the tweets and by Monday evening tweets in different languages flew in using the same hashtag… By then the Journal and other news sites had released the story.


I am sure the pictures started elsewhere, most likely on Facebook, but it only takes one person to put it on Twitter for the world to see. All you need is one hashtag and a few followers to spread the “news”. Prime example of one man, one hashtag is Jon Morter (also known as the man behind Rage Against the Machine campaign). Who himself could tell you how quickly “it” spreads, all it takes is a share or a retweet.

Top Trending Story Digg
Top Trending Story Digg

Twitter has become the judge and the jury. As much as we don’t like to admit it we judge anything that comes our way, its in our nature. We cant help looking at these pictures if EVERYONE is talking about it. I cant remember where I heard someone say it but it has always stuck with me “Its like a dead pigeon you don’t wanna look but you cant look away”.

Yes a young girl did a stupid thing in public, shouldn’t the person who took and shared the pictures be the one shamed? We fear that “someone” is watching us, and we feel like our privacy is being invaded, but with incidents like these is the public the one documenting and exposing our every move. When does it become okay to take pictures of strangers doing god knows what and post them for the world to see? How many Facebook pages now revolve around things we see and hear in our community, “Overheard”, “Spotted *insert your location here*”, “Embarrassing Night Club Photos”, “Leaked Snapchat Photos”… the list goes on. Yeah we all have a giggle at the guy in a funny hat, and the drunk guy in the corner but if someone sneakily took a picture of you and posted it on one of these sites I am sure you would not be laughing.

“Spotted Dublin Bus”

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