Its All Fun and Games – Part 2

More iPad games… Because lets be honest who has time to pull out the playstation or the xbox anymore (speaking about the non Halo/Fifa etc gamers).

All of this technology around us that has made our life easier, you would think we would have more time to spare. In reality our time seems to be more and more consumed with social media “things” and the internet has stolen us away from playing games. I cant remember the last time I sat down to play a game without doing five other things at the same time. I envy my younger self during the Christmas holidays sitting playing games on my GameBoy for hours. You would only be half way to completing Pokemon and you would have already invested something like 32 hours. No one sits around to play things anymore, its all to kill boredom, wether its waiting for a bus or on long journeys or in a waiting room and its always on your phone.

I have been spending a lot of time on buses lately and have tried a lot of shitty games, but have found a few that stand out from the crowd. To continue from the first post on Its All Fun and Games here are a few iPad Games hidden gems:

The Drowning

Seems like everywhere you turn there is a new zombie game. I guess its such a relevant subject to everyone, the fear of the unknown, the world ending etc etc. I guess there is nothing like first person shooter games for those who enjoy the odd “kill kill kill” game.

This however seems to be hard to control. Touch shooting requires double tapping in the tutorial phase of the game, later however it gives you a choice to continue playing using gesture based or virtual stick controls. The simpleton that I am I carried on with gesture based. These controls included swiping from side to side to look around (including up and down) and double tapping for shooting. To collect stuff you just walk to the item to collect it.

The game is made in Unity and yes its impressive for an iPad game. The graphics are great and the movement is ok. What annoyed me the most was having to use two hands to double tap on a zombie to shoot it.

Other annoying things are upgrading and buying weapons which you needed to get certain objects & oil for, this is fine if the app wasn’t pushing you to buy the “oil” or whatever it was that you needed to buy stuff. Actual money for virtual things? I don’t think so. I think I would rather pay for the app and be able to play properly then it made hard for you to pay money for stuff.

Overall though, its pretty fun to shoot the zombies, its kind of mindless fun really. There is a narrative but you forget it once there is several zombies coming at you at once.


You have never heard of Superbrothers: Swords & Sworcery? Well I feel sorry for you already… Its a magical game. I could talk about the graphics for 10 minutes and still have stuff to say, using pixel art they have created this magical land where the atmosphere is cosmic. The audio is lovely and airy, not irritating at all, I think I prefer playing it with sound unlike other games which I mute instantly.

The basic narrative is your this girl who goes on an adventure. Thats all you need to know. This is purely a touch adventure game, its slow paced and there is a bit of dialogue amongst other magical things.

I have never played this game on any other platforms but the fan base around this game is amazing, I have found this cool tumblr site where people post their interpretations of the story and artwork. Check them out. After 5 years the game is now free to download! The game bagged a good few awards and is definitely worth checking out. It is time consuming and the story doesn’t evolve for a while but the graphics will keep you amused and amazed.

I also love the hashtag… I think it adds a little something something, don’t you think?!

Mystery Room

I am a bit fan of Professor Layton and proud to say I have finished two of the games (probably nothing to brag about but there it is). I love the puzzles and manga characters. I mean it does have you scratching your head and even sometimes sneakily googling the puzzles….

So they went and did it, finally released something on mobile. Mystery Room is a detective/murder solving game. The first package which includes 3 cases, the next two packages you need to buy however. Nevertheless the cases are not short and I still haven’t finished the free package.

Sooo the good the bad and the ugly… Yes the characters are the same style as the Professor Laytons games, however. The scenes are 3D. The first time I saw it I was like ehhh what this? Looks a little tacky. I think if they would have stayed with the same style it would have been better. Another thing that kind of bugs me, the flow of the whole thing relies on a lot of text.

Overall the game is ok, don’t know wether its good enough to pay money for though…


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