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A new year, new iPad. I wish that wasn’t the phrase I would be using, but after my iPad got stolen last year I was lucky enough to get a new one for my birthday this year. Most people consider this an unnecessary purchase when you own an iPhone and a MacBook but you can never be too Appled out. The iPad Retina display is as lovely as it looks, slick and high definition… *drool*

What have I been messing around with regarding the apps:

As much as I dont like to admit it, I love the games. It seems like every time I am watching TV or just lounging I am looking in the app store for new games. As a side note I never pay for apps, I dont know why its a rare occasion (happened once) where I found myself needing the app. Like I mean where I was convinced I NEEDED it. So before I go through my favorite apps I will start with the app that I actually paid for.

Mushroom Wars

Before you start laughing and not taking me seriously regarding this point, hear me out. I am not a gamer and dont pretend to be, one day I was searching the app store and this popped up. Without hesitation I downloaded it as it was free and dug in. By level 3 I was hooked. Theres not much to the game; you are presented with an army and little mushroom houses, these houses “make” the little army people and you go and invade your opponents mushrooms till you win. Simples. The game sucks you in and you find yourself plotting and becoming all strategic. That was me. 2 hours later I was finished the free version and wanting MORE. The full campaign was priced at around 3 euro. I couldn’t face paying for a game or any app in general. Two weeks later I bought the full version. I know I know…. I KNOW. Its such a good game believe me, and if you dont have an iPad its also available for the iPhone.

Saying that…if you dont want to pay for the game and you feel like your one of them people who refuse to pay, the game actually has a multiplayer option. This is online only option. This allows you to play against other players online. The maps are different and there can be more then 2 players in the one game.

A few fun facts I have learnt while being obsessed with this game; This game was originally released for PS3 and PlayStation Network. Mushroom Wars was inspired by the game Galcon.


Once again I would like to highlight the fact that I am not a gamer and cant play games well but this another game that has caught my eye… If you ever played Naught (on that note I just noticed that Naught is no longer free… *sad face*) you will love this game, it doesn’t have the same controls or device movements but it has the same idea. The character keeps moving forward while the user controls its direction. I honestly didn’t think this game was free but last night it was in the top charts and I so happened to notice it. As soon as I downloaded it I was determined to get to Day 2. And if you have not played the game yet thats how the levels are organized, a series of mini levels within each “day”.

I have yet to get to Day 2 obviously and to test out the multiplayer, which seems to be the new addition to the game. I would love to know who the artist is because the artwork is amazing.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

This is an obvious choice when downloading iPad games. There is a really retro feel to this game for some reason, its almost tastefully tacky looking. Everyone loves unicorns so they will love this game. Obviously. This game similarly to Badlands has one character which always moves and the only thing you control is the direction or in this case jumps and the speed. I found myself cursing and dying while playing this game, however I kept restarting it so there is several addictive characteristics that will keep you playing.

P.S If you think there is too much pink and unicorns are very girly there is a much edgier version of this game Robot Unicorn Attract Heavy Metal Version. This version however is not free soooooooo maybe stick to the pink version…


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