Dkit Creative Media and Video and Film exhibition FIS 2012

This year Dkit students of Creative Media and Video and Film are hosting their 10th exhibition this year in Carrolls. As a 4th year of Creative Media I was taking part in my last exhibition.

Every year students show of their years work with a group project.

My group created a project called Oraculum, an interactive narrative. Keeping the current economic climate in mind, it shows a hypothetical instance of what could happen to our society. The game was a reflection of a hypothetical scenario and our research of what could happen to society and how technology can influence a split.

We researched theorists like Henri Mendras and Lipietz, also theories; Technological Determinism, Digital Divide and Social Shaping. We are very excited to show of our work.

Exhibition opens:

June 6th at 6pm-9pm


June 7th 11am-9pm

Other projects I am excited to see are Creative Media 4th year projects iTalk, Veracity and Caligo… Also I had a sneak peek at other projects, cant wait to try out project Jim, and to see the iterative movie Days which is centering the exhibition this year.

Heres a few snaps of projects that are being exhibited:

Jim, The Shadow Passenger
Jim, The Shadow Passenger


Miology Labs


That’s Cat

…and that’s only to name a few!


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