Blackrock, Dundalk… Just a Trip Down the Road

14 degrees, summers day.

Spring is here, with that thought we visited Blackrock and all the little wonders it has to offer. With sun gleaming you cant help yourself but put some shades on, but as soon as we stepped out of the car we felt the cold breeze still in the air.

On the main street in the little town its impossible not to notice the big elephant head outside the vintage shop. It leered us in and we ended up spending good half hour looking at all the weird and quirky stuff.


Crosscause Charity shop. A vintage find. From books to random nick nacks this shop is brilliant in every way. I took a few snap shots of the inside. The owner of the shop had a book, what appeared to be was stock record book. On my purchase of three books, she marked it in her “sales bible” and charged me 3 euro. Couldn’t help but feel special that my purchase was recorded in such a way, not many do it these days…

ImageThe shop itself was tiny, very back of the store held this amazing little library.



I think this teapot was like 40 euro… Should have asked what was the fuss about it all.


Probably one of the coolest things in the shop. These epic speakers.


The vintage clothing store next door was also inspiring. Saying that the lady who worked there was not very pleasant and was not impressed with my fascination and my camera snapping. After Sybil, original and vintage clothing. Pretty impressive shop, draws your attention straight away with a huge rocking horse in the window… Its not the kind of shop you shop for a cardigan, the prices are sky high and doesn’t compare to any other vintage shop I have ever been to, but for someone who has 400 euro for a pair of shoes (that nobody else will own) its the place to go.


Not a very clear picture, but these are Brown Thomas old boxes which I am guessing are for hats…



This was an amazing dress which was being photographed for the newspaper that day… I felt it looked creepy and gave me the Dracula vibe.


The trip didn’t end there. Another place worth visiting on the same street is a bakery. I cannot pass a cake shop of any kind. The Home Bakery stole my heart with the colours and the smells.




Happily at home enjoying my cakes.


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