Creative Self

Creative Multimedia – Year 4

Creative Self Project

This was an open project, some might say amazing you can do whatever you like, other would say its more time consuming to think of something. I took a bit of a risk with the project, usually in class we are given some kind of examples to go by.. not this time.

So I sat down and thought outside of the box. Literally.

Drum roll please…

Explosive Box. What is it you might say?? Well for people who are into crafts this is mind blowing. I love making scrap books and collages of stuff and this was just a thing for me. So for my creative self I made an explosive box with some of my college work, so you could say it was my portfolio in a box.

Starting point:

Planning the design

Here is some sketches of my plan of the box and the design going into it.

I then started making the flower out… cardboard and paper mashe. Messy job.

Then the box itself.. I designed the graphics in photoshop but then kinda felt they didnt go with the paint job, so i painted it to make it blend in better.

The outcome…. Tada!!

P.S    Totally forgot to take a picture of the inside…


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